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Last week was a bit struggling. Masuk kerja awal, balik kerja paling lambat. There was few nights keluar office at 9pm. I wasn’t complaining. I know there are a lot of things that I need to catch up with. There was a day which i dah janji nak prepare dinner for hubs. Asked him untuk keluarkan lamb. Tapi lamb tu kene masuk freezer semula. Sebab ada benda nak siapkan. Ended up balik at 10.20pm. I have to sacrifice my precious time with him. Is this worth? I am not choosing my work instead of him. No. And I don’t want him to ever think that way.

Rasa guilty sebab tak buat banyak benda. Badan penat, otak penat. Harap2 cepat2 boleh tune. 

Esok kerja. Time to sleep!



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