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Tune back

Cuti lama duduk kat rumah dari pagi sampai malam. Kadang-kadang rasa best. Kadang-kadang rasa boring. Itulah dah kerja nak cuti. Dah cuti nak kerja pulak. Mengadanya.

Ada certain things yang rindu. Rindu nak kacau orang kat office. Rindu nak contribute. Rindu nak lunch pastu borak-borak dengan geng ofis. Tapi tak rindu langsung hadap jem. Tak rindu langsung kalau kerja bertimbun nak kene siap cepat2.

Aish. So few chic-lit novel dah habis baca. There’s another two yang baru baca sikit. Buku ilmiah pun ada nak kene habiskan. Suka sangat baca separuh-separuh. Ikut mood.

Esok i am going to survey for MBA UiTM. I am still considering whether to further study or not. Ayaiyai. Weekend will be gone if i pursue MBA. Sheshhh.

I do have my life plan. Cepat or lambat, MBA is one of the things that i have to accomplish. I thought its gonna over after i finished my ACCA. But after i met with my mentor, he advised me to get MBA. Well, what can i say. The words came from someone who is successful..who already had ACCA, MBA and also PHD.

Wish me luck!


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