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Hari ini

1 JULAI 2015

Hari ini ialah my 7th year-anniversary with WordPress. Woah. Cant believe that long dah start merepek kat sini. LOL. Ups and downs along the years.

Hari ni dah 14 Ramadhan. Half way to go.

Hari ni will be the 1st time buka puasa kat luar sempena #twentymonthsandstillcounting

I really had this annoying feeling. Sampai hari ni teringat, boleh?

Still the same.. LONG Sigh. Only the ONE yang kat atas tu yang boleh ubahkan. Semoga tahap kesabaran ni bertambah la hendaknya. Now, takde la impact la. But I am not sure nanti macam mana. How can you find the opportunity to hurt me? Maybe for you its NOTHING, for fun or just isi masa terluang?

Can u just hold on? Can u be genuine?

Please don’t make me feel this way..

After all, I cant turn you to be what I wanted you to be. #keeppraying


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