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I remember..

  1. When you download all MLTR songs in my new mp3 player. Lepastu suruh dengar masa kita jogging kat tasik. “25 minutes too lateeeeee” 😛
  2. When you download movies so that we can watch together. Dah duduk play, lepastu kene ngadap laptop balik semata I nak the subtitles?. Lepastu I tengok halfway dan kemudian tertidur kat sofa.
  3. When you came in silently into the room, didn’t turn on the light, shut the toilet door properly. Especially after late badminton session.
  4. Bila tolong buangkan sampah. Monday night is the routine. I dont think you suka pun  tapi, you buat jugak 🙂
  5. When you fold your clothes and pack our things bila kita pergi travel. Kadang-kadang iron sendiri juga without nagging me suruh ironkan.
  6. When you eat anything left in the house without asking me to cook for you.
  7. Bila i masak, tak pernah complain cakap tak sedap. Makan sampai habis! #win
  8. When you keep saying positive words when I am down jatuh-terduduk-nanges.
  9. When you top up touch n go and pump the petrol a day before i go to work or somewhere else on my own. Start enjin kereta, jalaaaaaaannn.
  10. When you always ask me whether nak balik kampung ke tak. Walhal baru je balik. #lucky

About you, that i wanted to remember sampai bila-bila 🙂 #smallthingsbigimpact


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