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Tuesday activity

I ask for more. Too many things been achieved. However, still more to go. I attended ACCA Annual Conference today. So many good input (like usual) and make me think right there and then. I do love the topic on intrapreneurship and also the last topic about creating so called ‘luck’. We can create our luck by creating the opportunity. Here the top 10 tips on how to be lucky.


Another issue being discussed, was on GST. 5 panels from different background gave their views on the post-implementation GST. Almost 2 months after GST been implemented, few matters havent decided yet.

The conference end at 4.45 and i rushed to fetch dear husband. It was raining and we have no choice other than drag ourselves to KLCC before heading back home. Hahaha. What an excuse nak detim. #goodnotsooldmemoriesremain

Ben’s is my no #1 list. Hello! am their big fan of yummilicious soft shell crab spaghetti. Hubs ordered the lamb pie and seriously the smell and taste menusuk kalbu okeh. But. The price increase more than 10% although we were subjected to 6% kan. Calculative me. Aihh.

They have their own basis to markup. At the end, we as they consumer yang tanggung. That is not considered as beban rakyat maybe. Cant govt see? Oh.. Rakyat in this context are those who stay in rural area. Mana ada bens bagai. Noted! #positiveassumption #supportgstuntukpembangunannegara

Apa masuk bab gst ni. Sheshhh. Dah la. Nak tidur. Esok the whole day busy kat ofis. Petang nak chair meeting. Nak mimpi points apa nak gebang esok. Goodnight.

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