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Waiting my name to be called

Our weekend habis kat hospital jer. Had appointment in princecourt.. Jumpa doctor untuk follow up denggi. And a day after, we went again. Haha. Although you hate me when i’m sick. Its okay. I fully understand that. U dont like to see my comot face even my comot attire. Tak de mood. Tak happy langsung. You cant tease me. You cant say much sebab i buat tak tahu. Blurghhhh.

My husband mmg tak suka tunggu lama-lama. After dah register at emergency counter, then we waited at waiting area. Seriously lamaaaa gilerrrr. Since two doctors je yg ada, memang kene sabar la. 2 jam setengah tunggu. Within that time, entah berapa puluh kali husband called my name. Hahaha. Dia dah tak tahan. I marah jugak sikit dgn dia..scared if org terdengar and its kinda annoying. Lol.

Lepas kene feeling way better. Alhamdulillah. Muka dia happy amat. Cakap banyak pulak. Sapa yg sakit ni sebenarnya ni kan. Hahahaha.



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