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Today is her last day masuk office before dia pergi holiday. We are so close.. dah macam sister.. I am so thankful for having her when I am so stress.. Dia la yang selalu ada kat sebelah.. Tadi masa nak say goodbye, dia dah nangis.. Hehe.. I’m not feeling well this past two weeks. Of course, she gonna be worry bout me. And me? Sebak ajer la.. Cos, she gonna celebrate her anniv kat Paris.. She’ll be going to Milan and Venice too. So, takde la ayaq mata nak keluar. Banyak la pesanan dia. Suruh org temankan lunch setiap hari. Haha.. Its okay. Lunch hour is a not-a-good-time for me lately. So, rather tapau and makan kat desk ajer.

I’m pretty sure, I will miss you so much! 2 minggu tu lamaaaaaaa sangat!!!!!!!




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