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IT vs Accounting

My meng is working now.. Hari ni Sabtu and he needs to deploy the ‘thingie’.. Haha. I am not sure..Maybe a system. Well.. i dont ask much bout his job since its tooooooooooo technical. Yah.. All the codes that he did??? I dont even understand how he can survive doing that. Kinda complicated for me sebab i’ve experience doing codes for 3 months. Yup.. three months only. Lepastu, surrender and i quit my job. The reason is…I dont have strong foundation and my background is totally different. Anyway, interesting learning something new.

So, plan hari ini ialah duduk dirumah sahaja. Ada buku nak kene baca. Last week, dah balik kampung. Next week pun nak balik kampung. I need sometime at home toooooooo.

I have booked 3 flight ticket for my holiday. Two out of three kene cancel. Duit burn untuk flight and accommodation. What to do. But, i have plan something else nak buat apa. *takretidokdiam*. Its okay. Next time boleh plan lagi…




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