Posted in Monologue

One Day..

One day, you feel like giving up and you feel like your life is falling to pieces, call me, text me, anything.
I may not be able to put the pieces back together, but i can stand beside you.

One day you wish you could just disappear so that no one knows where you are, call me or text me.
I won’t try to stop you, but i can disappear with you.

If one day you realize that you’re in love, then the person breaks your heart, i’ll be here. I wont be able to bring them back, but i can beat their butt and help you fix your heart.

But one day, if you try to get a hold of me and i don’t answer, find me, because this time i might need you. Life is too short to live with regrets and worries, so instead of holding it in, let it out!

Tell the world how you feel and don’t be afraid.


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