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ikan di atas Pan

I had 3 lil pieces of curripuff for today’s breakfast..And now…faham2 la perut i macam mana!!..Gosh..There’s another 1 hour before 1p.m….So, teringat2 kedai semalam..We (My hsemate-Huda+Eve) had a dinner at Fish & Co @ New Wing, One Utama..This is our 1st time makan kat situ…Gamble aje..

“one bite & u’re hooked”

They served us with the freshest fish n seafood..

It is truly scrumptious dishes..


Tak tipu…

I recall back what we had last nite yer..

  • New York fish & chips (paling suka yg ini wp basic aje..hirisan ikan dgn perahan limau..waaaah..tak tahan sehhh!!!)
  • Seafood platter for 2 (makan ramai2..byknye: udang,sotong,kepah,nasi,chips…i mkn nasi aje yg byk..mmg sah perut melayu…mana thn makan ikan aje..haha)
  • Seasonal catch -Black pepper  (sape yg ske mkn yg ‘panas’ mcm nick absolutely lurve this!)
  • Pasta (sooooo creamy….best2…)
  • Passion drink (pilihan yg tepat..malas nak try mende  baru..kang sakit perut..naahh..this one mix of pineapple & sprite)+ Cammomile (hot tea plus honey…tetibe elia yg kuat minum air sejuk try this one …nampak mcm sedap) + Pink Passion (yg sangat pelik rasanya..mix of cranberry, honey, pineapple..ada lagi satu.. apetah..)
  • Baguette (dah abis, xleh nak rasa..maybe next time kot)


Thanks to Elle..(coz open table…semoa bertambah2 rezeki yer)


 U’d inject a happy hormone to us… 


~Hidup ini indah bile boleh makan sedap2…


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