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His Birthday

Happy birthday 🙂 May all your wishes come true.

Kat ofis ada orang jual kek lapis sarawak. Then i put the birthday tag kat atas kek lapis tu. LOL. He layan je la. Potong je kek lapis tu.


I said…tu kek birthday tipu la.. Yang betul ni punya..


So i unopened the pavlova box. One for him.. another chocolate ganache cake for me.. Yeah. Satu aint enuff nak share 😛


Both of us makan cake and dia layan je la i borakkkkkkkkkk. Sorry for spoiling your day. Need to listen to my long-boring-story.


Sebab sakit tekak ya amat, so i cakap kita pergi la makan yg soupy soupy. Lapar ya amat sebab since morning makan roti and minum susu jer. Takde selera. Went to homst and had our dinner sama. Cepat2 balik sebab he had a concall at 10.


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Good things

so many things happened at the same time. lucky i am. having someone that i can rely on. i dont think i can make it..go through everything when the ‘support system’ aint with me.

did celebrated my birthday last week. back to back makan.

got a red roses from beloved hubs 😀

crabtree and evelyn gift from ex bosses

and few other more

i dont expect this much 🙂

thank you so much!

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Need more hours

Hey. Dah lama tak update blog. Weekdays busy kerja. Weekend busy class.

Yeah, macam no rest at all. But still, i have to find my own sweet time.

Kadang-kadang teremo sikit. Euwwww. Dah tak boleh handle- kelam kelibut sangat sampai terbuat muka.

Untuk bulan-bulan yang mendatang, i know its not easy. Another hardest time in my life. i just should have enjoy all the moment. Pahit dulu, lepastu sweet akan datang kemudian. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Yakin semua akan boleh. Selagi usaha, dan doa yang tak putus2.

Hoping semoga semua dipermudahkan.